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Un buen sitio para practicar todos los aspectos de la gramática española.

Haz click aquí para visitar un sitio dónde se puede aprender y practicar con varios aspectos de la gramática española.

Practicing the Regular verbs in Spanish.

Second Year students can practice all the regular verbs here:

For -AR verbs click here.  You can learn a list of regular verbs that all work the same by clicking this link – Regular -AR verbs.

For -ER verbs click here. A list of the regular -ER verbs are here – Regular -ER verbs.

For -IR verbs click here. And a list of -IR verbs here – Regular -IR verbs.

Some activities to practice the vocabulary for animals

Click here to practice with the vocabulary of animals. Some of them you’ll already have seen in class but there are also some new words here. You can use the ‘STUDY’ section to relearn the words and the ‘PLAY GAMES’ section to practice with the words.

Click here to start – Los Animales 


You can practice with Tener by clicking here.