Great Grammar Websites

Below is a list of great websites you can use to practice your Spanish grammar. These are just a few of the many excellent resources available online. The simple fact is that you need a level of understanding of grammar in order to be able to write and speak in Spanish. The good news is that the listed website will take a lot of the pain out of learning simply by doing the available exercises which more often than not have feedback on answers built into them. Simply read over the topics covered in class, and the information available on the websites before attempting the exercises. The key to learning grammar is repetition, that is just keep practicing until you´re comfortable and remember if there´s some point you need cleared up just ask in class. Here is the list:

BK NELSON – a well laid out site that simply lists its activities by grammar topic on the right. Alternatively you can follow one of the study modules listed on the left but these require a bit of commitment.

STUDY SPANISH – Another good one with the activities listed by topic in the column on the left. This site gives you a bit extra by providing you with a review of grammar points before allowing you to do some of the quizzes (the rest you have to pay for). Also note that along the top of the screen you can go to other areas to improve vocabulary or practice you´re pronunciation (note that it is Latin American Spanish though).

Trinity University, San Antonio – Not much in the way of explanation here and the exercises are at a slightly higher level so I would only move onto this site once you´re happy with what you´ve done on the previous two.

BOWDOIN – Another site with straightforward exercises, again little in the way of explanation though.

All of these sites are there to help you review and practice what was done in class. Grammar is only one part of learning Spanish but it is important and the sites listed will help you remember the rules and meanings of the verbs. Make the most of them.



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