The Imperative Again!

This verb ‘mood’ is one of the more difficult to master in Spanish by virtue of the fact that there are 4 forms of ‘you’ in Spanish (tú, vosotros, usted & ustedes) compared to 1 in English. This is complicated further due to the change to the subjunctive in negative (informal) commands.

A Summary of the Imperative

Click here, and then here, for a brief summary of how to form the Imperative.  If you want to look in more depth at the various segments just navigate through the site using the menu bar on the left, there are also quizes you can take based on the topics but bear in mind that only some are free and if you want to see your score you’ll need to register with the site (it doesn’t cost anything).

Practicing the Imperative

BK Nelson provides a variety of exercises to practice the imperative, just click here to access them. *** Ignore the ‘Present Subjunctive and Tú Commands‘ section for now.***

Here is another good link for practicing the Tú form but don’t forget your rules for putting these commands in the negative.

You can review the Usted and Ustedes commands here. Note that there are links to some exercises on the bottom left of this page.

The Imperative is quite difficult to master as there are a lot of rules involved with regards to formal/informal, singular/plural and positive/negative, not to mention the irregulars (of which there aren’t too many). However it is a good introduction to the subjunctive mood and if you can remember the rules for the imperative you can remember the rules for anything. The key is practice. Just keep drilling the exercises until you are comfortable with the various forms.

¡Buena Suerte!



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