5th Year Christmas Test

Ok, just a quick review of the grammar topics and thematic units we’ve covered in class up to now. It is of course possible that not all of what is listed below will appear on the exam but any part of it could.

Exam Format

Oral Exam – As explained in class this will be worth around 15% of the total mark and will run for 4 minutes or so. It will begin with a general conversation in which you talk about yourself, family, friends, neighborhood, daily routine, etc Basically anything we’ve covered in class. Use El Español Bien Hablado and La Pluma to help with possible questions and answers.

Reading Comprehensions – The exam will consist of series of reading comprehensions to begin with (from both OL and HL papers) some of which will feature questions asked in Spanish and others which will have questions in English. Remember to respond in the language in which the question was asked. You won’t get marks for answering a question asked in Spanish in English and vice versa.

Grammar Exercises – The comprehensions will be followed by a grammar section which will likely consist of a series of gap fill exercises or some form of structured exercise. For example with the imperative you may be required to give a series of orders to direct completion of  a task.

Vocabulary – the vocabulary section will follow the usual format whereby you’ll have to put several words into sentences that make sense so as to make the meaning of the word clear.

Written Expression – In this final section you will be asked to write a piece but will be given several points in particular to which you must refer in your response (check any of the past exam papers on examination.ie to see what I mean by this, or check La Pluma). Again you won’t be expected to write about something you haven’t covered yet but also remember that any of the topics mentioned in the oral exam section above could be referred to. You will only be expected to respond in a tense we’ve studied so that does narrow it down a bit. Of course it doesn’t do any harm to throw in the past tense if you remember it.



To revise the topics simply run back through the posts from the blog under 5 Curso or run back over the exercises in De Acuerdo.

If you’d like me to add anything in particular to aid revision create a wordpress account, leave a comment and I’ll try to get something up as soon as possible. If you do create a wordpress account be sure to follow the blog that way you’ll be notified automatically when new posts are added.



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