1st Year Xmas Exam

Your Christmas exam will be based on units 1-5 of Primer Paso. Be sure to know the following:


Ser, Estar and Tener and learn the phrases that go with them. For example Estar cansado, Tener frío, Ser alto etc.

Remember we use SER to say ‘What’ things are and Estar to say ‘Where or How’ things are.

Also don’t forget to go over the verb form ‘Hay’ or the possessive ‘Mi’ which means my, for example ‘Mi familia’ means ‘My family.

Be careful though because if you were saying ‘My brothers’ it would be ‘Mis hermanos’ because ‘hermanos’ is of course plural.

The definite and indefinite article:

Remember there are 4 for each in Spanish depending on number (singular or plural) and gender(masculine or feminine)

Indefinite article – un, una, unos, unas

Definite article – el, la, los, las

And don’t forget that the adjectives also agree with the noun. So for example:

Un chico alto            /      Una chica delgada

Un coche nuevo          /           una casa vieja



Animals – Only the ones from the book

Classroom objects – learn them all.

The family – Again learn them all.

The numbers – You’ll need to learn the numbers 1 – 100 not just those in the book.


The best way to prepare for the exam is to go over all the old posts on the blog and practice the flashcards and games but the vocabulary from the book is the most important so be sure to know that.

Also try to write a little bit about yourself or your family such as how to say your name and age and describe yourself a little.

For example – Me llamo ….., tengo ….. años, en mi familia hay…. personas, tengo dos hermanos y un gate etc.

Use the book to help you with this and to check your mistakes.

Good luck.




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