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El Instituto – Review Activity

A good resource here but will need to create an account to access it.

Click here.

Pre Leaving and Junior Certificate Courses

For those that are interested, the Instituto Cervantes in Dublin is running pre-exam courses for both Junior and Leaving Certificate. There are several courses on offer which can be viewed here but they all seem to work out at around €10 per hour which is fairly reasonable.

Click here to view the courses.

6th Year Oral Exam

Click here to access a site which covers a broad range of topics covered in the Leaving Certificate Oral General Conversation. 

Just select a topic by clicking on Access Lesson and you’ll be brought to a page which has a recording of the common phrases.

6th Year Homework 18/01/13 – Informal Letter

Click here to open up the 2007 OL exam paper. You are doing Section B, Question 1 which is the informal letter.

The question reads as follows:

Your Spanish friend Carmen has invited you to visit her this summer in Pamplona. Write a letter to her in Spanish.

Use all of the points mentioned below:

– Thank her for the letter and the invitation to her house.

– Say that your parents think it is a great idea.

– You can’t go until August because you are working in July.

– You want to speak Spanish to her family and friends

– Mention one thing you would like to see and one thing you would like to do

El Tiempo – the weather

The weather is a very important topic at Junior Certificate making regular appearances in the listening and written sections so it is well worth knowing.

To begin with click here for a selection of flashcards with the most important vocabulary.

Or you can take a look at this video on youtube.

Here’s a good online lesson with a decent review and some important vocabulary. Practice here here and here.

And another good review with a practice quiz available at the bottom.

There’s plenty there to get you going and we’ll do some work next week in class as well.

El Preterito Indefinido – Verbos Regulares

The preterito indefinido more or less equates to our simple past tense in English, that is single events in the past that are considered completed in a fixed period of time. It’s the the first and probably the most complicated of the past tenses you’ll see.  As such we’ll take it bit by bit and just start here with the regular verbs. Have a look at the various links below and be sure to do some of the practice exercises.

A good simple review of the regular verb endings can be found here with some quizzes here and here.

Click here for an excellent review of all types of verbs encountered in the preterite, concentrate on the regulars for now.

Another good review here, again focus on the regulars. You can practice the regular verbs here.

El Instituto

Click here to review the vocabulary through a series of flashcards and don’t forget to practice with the vocabulary games below.

And click here to practice with some more games.

Here’s a video from a Spanish secondary school that presents some new vocabulary that you might not have seen before.