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5th Year Easter Assignment 1: Diálogo – En El Restaurante

This is your first assignment of the Easter Break. Instead of doing a diary note I thought it might be more practical to do a brief dialogue exercise based on the topic of last week – Ir de Tapas.

For those of you that have still to do so, setting up an Edmodo account will give you access to the guiding document and a link to a website that will give you some ideas. There is also a practice quiz based on the Gustar Type Verbs to keep you going for a few days. Do the quiz and once submitted I will start to grade it so you can see how Edmodo works.

If anyone is having difficulties accessing Edmodo click here instead and you will be able to download the document. All completed assignments can then be sent to

Click the link below to access a useful tool that might help with the assignment

BBC Spanish – Mi Vida Loca

Edmodo Reminder

A reminder to all 5th year students to set up their Edmodo accounts ASAP. If it all possible I’d like to get the Easter assignments submitted that way though I will post the details on here as well in case there are any issues and they can be forwarded to me via email on request. Simply post a comment on here and I will reply with an address.


Leaving Certificate Oral Exam

Click this link to access the Dropbox folder that contains all the revision documents for the Leaving Certificate.

What you’re looking for specifically here is the file LC Oral Exam.docx. Click on that file to preview it in dropbox and you’ll be given an option to download it if you prefer.

Then scroll down a few pages until you reach the Role Plays.

We’re looking at Role Play 2, sentence 2 today.

Una Tarea por Internet – El Ocio en España

Haz click en el enlace  para visitar la página web de Allí vamos a empezar una serie de tareas que se trata del tema del ocio en España. Navegad por la página para contestar las preguntas de abajo. 

1. Con respecto a las zonas litorales ¿cuáles son las tres importantes de España?

2. ¿Qué quiere decir España Verde?

3. Según la página ¿cuáles regiones de España forman la zona España Verde?

4. ¿Cómo se recomienda empezar y aprovechar las noches en España?

5. Según la página ¿por qué es conocida ‘la noche de Ibiza‘ por todo el mundo?

6. ¿Cuántas estaciones de esquí hay en España?

7. ¿Qué son Los Picos de Europa? ¿Y cuáles tres provincias de España lo comparten?

8. Hay tres aguas importantes que se consideran ´perfectos para disfrutar de un día de pesca’ ¿cuáles son?

El Condicional

The links below are useful for the review and practice of the conditional tense in Spanish:

A nice summary of the conditional can be found here.

A few interactive exercises to practice with on the ever reliable BK Nelson.

Another self correcting exercise.