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Junior Cert Grammar Revision

The following links will help you to revise the verbs for the Junior Cert, in particular you want to focus on the Present tense (regulars, irregulars, stem-changers, reflexives), the Past Tenses (Preterito Indefinido and the Imperfect) and the Future Tenses (Ir a + inf and the Simple Future). – Great for reviews and it has loads of practice quizzes under each topic. – Again very good for reviews and also has a few free practice quizzes. – Less reviews and more exercises here, browse the Verb Forms section in particular. – Another very good one with loads of exercises but it’s all in Spanish so read the instructions carefully. – Loads of exercises here including some games but again you’ll need to explore a little to find what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for more specific exercises related to a particular topic then look back over the posts under ‘3 curso’, there have been plenty added over the year.

Also be sure to check over your ‘Expressions with Tener’ and how Gustar type verbs work. Some revision notes can be found here.

5th Year Summer Exam

The format for the Summer Exam will be more or less as follows:

Oral Exam – To begin next week, predominantly  based on Units 1-4 of El Español Bien Hablado plus any of the other topics we may have touched on throughout the year; pastimes, holidays etc.

Listening Exam – This will be a Leaving Certificate Higher Level Paper to be carried out next Tuesday or Thursday.

Written Paper:

Section A – Reading Comprehensions: Again from the Higher Level Paper; there may be a need to review Indirect Speech (La Pluma) Dice que, Explica que etc.

Section B – Grammar; Based on all verb tenses but there will be a section specifically dedicated to the three past tenses (Pretérito Indefinido, Imperfecto and el Pretérito Perfecto) and their uses. Also be sure to review the Pronouns.

Section C – Written: Letter and a Diary Entry or Nota. See La Pluma for samples.

That as a I said is more or less the layout. De Acuerdo has acted as a coursebook in a sense so if you cover the chapters in that you should be okay. There are plenty of links on this blog that have been posted over the year to help you revise.


3rd Year Homework – Letter

There are 2 letters below, one for Higher Level and one for Ordinary Level, choose whichever is appropriate for you and then Turn In on Edmodo. If you have any problems with this email it to me at, and as a last resort hand it up on paper.


HL Letter

Write a letter in Spanish to your penfriend who lives in Zaragoza. Include all of the following points.

• Invite her to your house during the Christmas holidays.
• Mention two activities that you could do together.
• Tell her about a Spanish language course you did in Spain last summer.
• Mention three interesting places you visited.
• Describe a new friend you made when you were there.
• Tell her to ring you/ to send an e-mail to say if she can come over at Christmas.


OL Letter

Your Spanish penpal, Miguel has written to you. You write a reply in Spanish including four of the
following points in your letter.

– Thank him for his letter.
– Tell him two details about your family.
– Tell him two details about your house.
– Tell him two details about your favourite sports.
– Tell him two details about your summer holidays last year.
– Tell him two details about your plans for the weekend.




6th Year Homework – Letter

Write the following letter and email it to

Your Spanish teacher has arranged an exchange for you with Pablo, a student from Oviedo.
Write a letter/email to him in Spanish. (40 marks)

Use all of the points mentioned below:

– Tell Pablo about yourself and your hobbies.
– Give him a description of your best friend and what you did together last weekend.
– Mention your favourite subject at school and why it is your favourite subject.
– Say what you are going to do during the summer holidays.
– Tell him what you want to do next year after you finish school.

3rd Year Homework – Expressions with Tener

Due to the lack of submissions on Edmodo I am posting the quiz here as well. You can print it off and fill it in or write it our in your copy/on a sheet. However I would advise you to use the notes and take your time as the standard of some submissions so far has been very poor and these will be done again. The file can be opened by clicking here: Expressions with Tener Quiz.