5th Year Summer Exam

The format for the Summer Exam will be more or less as follows:

Oral Exam – To begin next week, predominantly  based on Units 1-4 of El Español Bien Hablado plus any of the other topics we may have touched on throughout the year; pastimes, holidays etc.

Listening Exam – This will be a Leaving Certificate Higher Level Paper to be carried out next Tuesday or Thursday.

Written Paper:

Section A – Reading Comprehensions: Again from the Higher Level Paper; there may be a need to review Indirect Speech (La Pluma) Dice que, Explica que etc.

Section B – Grammar; Based on all verb tenses but there will be a section specifically dedicated to the three past tenses (Pretérito Indefinido, Imperfecto and el Pretérito Perfecto) and their uses. Also be sure to review the Pronouns.

Section C – Written: Letter and a Diary Entry or Nota. See La Pluma for samples.

That as a I said is more or less the layout. De Acuerdo has acted as a coursebook in a sense so if you cover the chapters in that you should be okay. There are plenty of links on this blog that have been posted over the year to help you revise.




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