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L.C Mid Term HW

Click the link below to access the Mid-Term Homework. The document consists of a journalistic text (like that of the mid-term test), two short comprehensions and a Diario and Nota (both of which need to be done)

Mid-Term Homework

2nd Year – Some practice exercises

Below you will find some practice exercises based on the topics we have been covering in class over the last few weeks.

La Casa: – A series of exercises that allow you to practice and use the vocab. Work from 1 to 3. – Loads of activities here, including the furniture in each room. – A memory game to practice the vocab with


El Horario: – Some practice activities from the BBC Languages website


Reflexive Verbs: – A good review of the rules with a practice quiz which can be accessed by clicking the green button. – Another good review with some sample flashcards and some free quizzes on the column to the left.

J.C. Spanish – Las Partes del Cuerpo

Here a few links to help you with Las Partes del Cuerpo and the Gustar type verbs, including Doler:

Las Partes del Cuerpo – Some vocab flashcards with practicea games at the bottom. – A series of games


Gustar Type Verbs – A good review of the rules of Gustar (and similar verbs) with some practice quizzes in the column on the left. – A practice quiz in which you need to get the pronoun and the verb correct.