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6th Yr HW: Anuncios (2)

Click the link below to access the transcript from today’s listening exercise with the Tarea attached:

58. Una riña – Deberes 21-11-13

6th Year Role-Plays

Click here to get soft copies of the Examiner & Candidate cards as well as the Sample Answers. Anyone that has lost the copy I handed out at the start of the year can now download and print their own copies if needs be.

6th Year Homework

6th Yr: Finish Class Work: p.103-105,  Ex 1-3
A. p.106 Ex 1 (a,b, c)
B. p.106 Ex 2  -Write at least one sentence to describe each location. You are describing from the Plaza Mayor.

6th Year HW

6th Year HW

1 – 36. Planes para el sábado – Haz click aqui

2. La Pluma p 102 Ex 1&2 plus Deberes (escribe un diálogo).

J.C. – El Imperfecto

The Imperfect Tense can take a bit of getting used to for students. As you’ve seen forming the Imperfect is very simple with only 3 irregular verbs (Ser, Ir and Ver), the trick is remembering when to use them.

For now we will focus on using the Imperfect to talk about things we used to do or things  we were doing in the past, whereas the Preterite Tense (the one we learned last year and revised at the start of this year) is used for single events in the past.

In this blog post you will focus on the formation of the Imperfect and not so much on its uses but keep them in mind as you’re doing the exercises.

First read the reviews of the Imperfect tense and take the practice quizzes attached

Review of Regulars Verbs in the Imperfect

Review of Irregular Verbs in the Imperfect

Review of Uses of the Imperfect

A more in-depth review of regular and irregular verbs and uses

Practice Exercises:

Regular Verbs Practice

More Regular Verbs

Irregular Verb Practice

Regular and Irregular Verb Practice

Fill in the Gaps