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2nd Year: The Future Simple

We use this Future Tense in Spanish to talk about things we ‘will‘ do and not things we are definitely ‘going to’ do.

Again it is not too difficult and there are only a few irregular verbs. Click here for a good summary of how to form the Simple Future or check the rules in your book.

*** The important thing to remember is that with this tense you DO NOT remove the -AR, -ER or -IR from the Infinitive of the verb. You just add the endings to the infinitive. ***

Click the links below for some practice:

Practicing the Future Simple in the Yo (I) form.

Practicing the Future Simple in the Nosotros (We) form.

A selection of Future Simple Exercises.


2nd Year: Exam Practice

A selection of exercises you can use to practice language for the daily routine can be found by here: La Rutina Diaria.

You can practice for the weather here: El Tiempo .

Practice the colours here: Los Colores

Some exercises to practice food: La Comida

You can practice telling the time here: La Hora

You can practice some time phrases here: ¿Cuándo?

2nd Year – Las Nacionalidades

Click the following link to revise and practice the nationalities. Don’t forget to try out the games along the top of the screen to help you revise.

Nationalities Flashcards

Here are a few games to practice further with:


South American Nationalities

Nationalities with Ser

Enjoy, and remember active learning like this is the best way to revise topics for your exams.

Leaving Cert Notes – Shared Folder

I’ve created a folder that has all slideshows, notes and sample pieces of work for the Leaving Certificate. Click the link below to access it and add it as a shared folder to your own Google Drive.

And for those of you ‘off the grid’ I suggest you ‘get on the grid’ for the coming months, for your own sake as this folder will have new material added to it constantly.

Note that you will need to request access to the folder but once you mail me I’ll add your permissions.

Shared Folder for Leaving Certificate

6th Year HW

Click the link below to access the homework based on today’s listening exercise: