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Junior Cert Revision

A great site that you can use to practice and revise for the JC Exam. The grammar and vocabulary topics are specifically useful. Have a look:

LC – The Oral Exam

With the oral exams beginning the week of the 31st of March we need to start looking into what we can do outside of the classroom between now and then.

Whilst I appreciate the fact that you’re just coming off the back of a tiring and relatively stressful 10 days if you start putting the effort in now the week of 31st March will seem a lot less imposing as it approaches. Remember that the Oral Exam is only 15 mins and that 25% of your mark is available within that time. Remember also that 5 of those 15 mins are taken up with the Role Play and that leaves 10 mins to prepare for. If you start now with 10 t0 15 minutes a night it will go a long way towards making you feel more comfortable on the day with what you’re saying and how you say it.

Below are a few links to various websites were you can browse conversations and get your ear accustomed to what is coming down the road. – A website that has native speakers speaking about a variety of topics, many of which could come up in the oral exam. There is an option to turn on subtitles and some associated vocab and practice exercises.

Spanish Proficiency Exercises, UT – A large collection of native speakers (Latin American mostly) again covering a variety of topics. Each topic has a column to the right which contains lists of associated vocabulary, useful phrases and grammar points that have been extracted from the audio texts. You also have the option of visual text in Spanish and English.

Notes In Spanish – Another excellent site with numerous audio clips over a wide range of topics. There are 3 levels but at this stage you really ought to be working with intermediate or advanced. A number of these topics could be relevant for the Oral.

Mi Vida Loca, BBC Languages – Not exactly topic relevant but good for practicing your oral skills with this interactive series of videos.

So that’s a few items to keep you going over the break. Start now and start with topics you are comfortable with; home, family, friends, school life and go from there.

The Oral Exam is the one section of the Spanish Leaving Cert where you dictate what happens. You already know 2/3 of the topics that are almost certainly going to arise, the rest is in your hands.

Finally, for those that aren’t afraid to take the plunge and get an intercambio going over the next few weeks, check out

Junior Cycle Vocab Builders

Click the link below to practice some basic vocabulary online. A nice way to learn and review key vocab.


LC Mock Spanish – Final hints and tips.

Ahead of Monday your first port of call should be the Shared Folder on Google Drives, click here to access notes and some sample opinion pieces (some of which include simplified versions).

Also be sure the files ‘Exam Format’ and ‘Leaving Certificate Spanish Exam for Students’. Both these files will give you a breakdown on question type and timing (stick to it you can use your spare time at the end once all questions have been attempted.


Reading Comprehension
1. Stick to times
2. Focus on words you know NOT those you don’t. As you reread the sentences the blanks will start to take on meaning.
3. Synonym section – look out for similar words types [tenses, subjects, nouns (s/pl), prepositions]
4. Translation section – First translate literally, then rephrase so it sounds natural.

Opinion piece.
1. 30 minutes only, you can come back to it.
2. Source ideas from the text
3. Keep it simple
4. Read sample pieces in shared folders

Informal Writing
1. Again watch timing.
2. Keep it simple. Do not over complicate things.
3. With the dialogue be sure to read the other side of the conversation. Often some vocabulary you may need can be found here.

1. Focus on vocab and don’t be overly concerned with catching everything that the speaker is saying. Often you only need to catch one or two words for an answer.
2. No Blanks – Always take an educated guess

Finally, work at a good pace and don’t get to wrapped up in one section if it is giving you problems. Move on and come back to it.



3rd Yr Revision: Future and Conditional Tenses

Ok, so we can use the links below to practice the 3 verb forms we were looking at in class on Tuesday.

The Immediate Future:
1. Practice with the infinitives
2. More practice
3. A good review with practice quiz (click the green button)


The Future Simple:
1. A nice review with some simple enough practice quizzes in the column on the left.
2. An excellent review with a good practice test that requires that you know the verbs in the past tense. Great preparation for the JC.


The Conditional Tense:
1. Again a nice straightforward review with some practice quizzes on the left.

Dónde está el ….? – Directions in Spanish

Click on the links below to practice the directions:

Quizlet – A nice refresh of the key phrases

Quizlet – And a few more here

Mylo Spanish – Be sure to do the exercises in order 1, 2 and then 3.

BBC Mi Vida Loca – This might be a bit trickier but give it a go. It’s an interactive exercise in which you can practice speaking. You can also turn on subtitles if you get stuck