LC – The Oral Exam

With the oral exams beginning the week of the 31st of March we need to start looking into what we can do outside of the classroom between now and then.

Whilst I appreciate the fact that you’re just coming off the back of a tiring and relatively stressful 10 days if you start putting the effort in now the week of 31st March will seem a lot less imposing as it approaches. Remember that the Oral Exam is only 15 mins and that 25% of your mark is available within that time. Remember also that 5 of those 15 mins are taken up with the Role Play and that leaves 10 mins to prepare for. If you start now with 10 t0 15 minutes a night it will go a long way towards making you feel more comfortable on the day with what you’re saying and how you say it.

Below are a few links to various websites were you can browse conversations and get your ear accustomed to what is coming down the road. – A website that has native speakers speaking about a variety of topics, many of which could come up in the oral exam. There is an option to turn on subtitles and some associated vocab and practice exercises.

Spanish Proficiency Exercises, UT – A large collection of native speakers (Latin American mostly) again covering a variety of topics. Each topic has a column to the right which contains lists of associated vocabulary, useful phrases and grammar points that have been extracted from the audio texts. You also have the option of visual text in Spanish and English.

Notes In Spanish – Another excellent site with numerous audio clips over a wide range of topics. There are 3 levels but at this stage you really ought to be working with intermediate or advanced. A number of these topics could be relevant for the Oral.

Mi Vida Loca, BBC Languages – Not exactly topic relevant but good for practicing your oral skills with this interactive series of videos.

So that’s a few items to keep you going over the break. Start now and start with topics you are comfortable with; home, family, friends, school life and go from there.

The Oral Exam is the one section of the Spanish Leaving Cert where you dictate what happens. You already know 2/3 of the topics that are almost certainly going to arise, the rest is in your hands.

Finally, for those that aren’t afraid to take the plunge and get an intercambio going over the next few weeks, check out



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