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Preterite Tense

Click the link below to review the formation of the Preterite Tense. You can then do some practice exercises on the same site.

Preterite Review

Preterite Exercises

More Excercises with Irregular Verbs

Preterite v Imperfect : A Good Explanation

Preterite v Imperfect Practice Exercise 1

Preterite v Imperfect Practice Exercise 2

5th Year Vocab – La Casa y Los Muebles

Click on the following links to revise the vocabulary of The House and The Furniture for Monday:

La Casa

Los Muebles

Good Luck, be sure to try out all the activities.

Roleplay 1 La Playa – Sentence 1

Click the link below to access the set of flashcards that will help you memorise the first sentence of the first roleplay. I’ve broken the sentence up into more manageable pieces.

Roleplay 1 – Sentence 1

Leaving Cert OL Shared Drive

The link below will open a Google Drives folder that will allow you to see all Leaving Cert notes by topic. This includes key words and phrases as well as sample answers to exam questions covered in class. As we move on there will be more documents added to this so keep checking back over the next few months

Click here for the Google Drives Shared Folder