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LC Oral – General Conversation OL

click the link below to access revision flashcards folder for the General Conversation:

flashcards on quizlet

Also click on the links below to listen to native speakers speaking about a range of topics.:

University of Texas – A selection of native speakers talking about a variety of topics. Focus on the recording under the sections Beginners, Intermediate-A and Intermediate-B. – Over 300 recordings of a variety of native speakers talking about a range of topics.

Leaving Cert Role-Plays on Quizlet

Role play 2 has been update with all sentences and has some sample ‘Possible Final Questions’ added.

Also I have added all of Role Play 3 – El Hotel. This too has some sample questions and answer at the end.

Click here to access a folder with Role-Plays 1 to 3. We should have these learned by next Monday so we can move on to Role-Play 4 before the Mock Oral.

Click here for Quizlet cards. 

5 Curso – The Immediate Future Tense

This is probably the easiest tense to learn and use in Spanish as you only need to know how to conjugate one verb ‘Ir’ and there are no irregulars.

Remember our 3 steps to forming the Immediate Futre:

Step 1: Conjugate the verb ‘Ir’ depending on WHO is doing the action

Voy             –               I am going …..
Vas              –              you are going ……
Va                –             He/she is going …….
Vamos       –            We are going …..
Vais            –            You (pl) are going ……
Van            –             They are going ……

Step 2: Add an ‘a’.

Step 3: Add the infinitive of the verb that is going to be done.

Voy a bailar     –     I am going to dance
Vas a comer      –   You are going to eat

Click here to take a practice quiz.


And here you can practice a few Immediate Future phrases on Quizlet.

Similar Verbs to talk about future plans

Other verbs that work in a similar way are the following:

*** Note there is no need for the ‘a’ here. ***

Pensar + infinitive –  To plan + (to do something)
Pienso ir a España el verano que viene = I plan to visit Spain next summer. 

Esperar + infinitive – To hope + (to do something)
Esperamos ver un partido de Real Madrid – We hope to see a Real Madrid match.