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Using Google Drive

Follow this link to see how Google Drive works. It will show you how to get started and how to share and collaborate on projects.



TY Regiones – Más Recursos

You can use these links to help with your project.






The Weather in Spanish

The weather in Spanish can be a little tricky due to the fact that in Spanish they tend to use the verb ‘Hacer‘ meaning ‘to make/do’ which sounds all wrong to us in English.

Click here for a good review of the weather and don’t forget to do the practice quiz on the left of the page.

Click here to practice the weather vocabulary and expressions. You can play some games to practice more by clicking on the blue boxes below the flashcards but be sure to learn the flashcards first and don’t forget to turn on the sound.

Here are a few more games to practice with.
If you want some more activities and quizzes simply Google ‘weather in spanish’ and you’ll get loads of resources.

Los Días y Los Meses

Over the last few days we’ve started to take a look at the days of the week and months of the year in Spanish. Below are a few sites for you to take a look at that will help you learn them and how to use them:

A very good summary of the days of the week here, there are some practice quizzes on the menu to the left. 

And the months and seasons can be found here, again with some practice quizzes.

A fantastic site from the BBC that allows you to learn the vocabulary and then you can play some games to practice. Unfortunately the videos will not work in Ireland.

A good youtube video can be viewed here that reviews the days and months in Spanish.

A series of games from to practice with.

Pasálo bien!

The numbers from 1 – 100

Here are a few links you can click on to practice the numbers:

A good summary of the numbers here with a video to help you.

Practice the numbers using the flashcards then play the games

A good page from the BBC. Click on the games in the top right of the screen to practice with games. 

And some more games here – Numbers 1 – 12, Numbers 13 – 20 and Numbers 10 -100

TY – Qué sabes de España?

Puedes utilizar las siguientes páginas para buscar información sobre España y sus regiones:


También puedes hacer un puzzle aquí:

6º Curso – Lo mejor y lo peor de la universidad

Aquí podéis leer el artículo ´Lo mejor y lo peor´ que se trata del tema de la vida universitaria. Tal vez pueda ayudaros con los deberes ´Cómo cambiará mi mundo en el futuro´

Lo mejor y lo peor