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Leaving Cert HL Reading Practice

Below are a series of links that you can go to to practice reading Spanish and in order to do well at HL Spanish you need to read as much as possible.

Remember it’s as important if not more important to focus on vocabulary as opposed to grammar. Knowing the rules of grammar is only of a benefit to you if you have the vocabulary to apply them to.

As such when studying Spanish you should incorporate as much  reading and listening as possible. Reading refreshes vocabulary already acquired as well as introducing you to new vocabulary. Also try to identify any grammar that you have studied, observe sentence structure and see how this translates to English. Doing so will help not only with Reading Comprehension but also with Written Expression. Some of these sites also have review exercises to test your understanding.

A possible form of written practice would be to rewrite in summary form each paragraph from an article you’ve just read. This is excellent practice for opinion piece writing.

El Blog de María

Hola a todos,

Nuestra compañera Maria ha creado un blog para contarnos de su estancia y sus experiencias de Irlanda durante el curso. Haz click en el enlace de abajo para seguir:

El Blog de Maria

1 Curso: Los Empleos – Unos Ejercicios

Click on the links below in order to practice some of the vocabulary of professions and jobs we’ve learned over the last week:

1. Click on this link to practice with some flashcards on Quizlet. Not every word we learned is included here but there are one or two new ones.

2. A series of games to practice with. Be sure to start with the flashcard game.

El Cuerpo Humano

Here is a great collection of flashcards on Quizlet to practice the vocabulary for the human body. Be sure to learn the words from the flashcards before you attempt the Study tasks and Games. And don’t forget to turn on the audio so you can hear as well as read the words.

You can play Vocab Battleship here with more words based on the topic.

And by clicking here you can access even more games.

Try to use these as often as possible. It’s more enjoyable and an easier way to learn new vocabulary than just reading words off a list.

El Cuerpo Hermano II

Here’s a few more links to help you with the vocab for the human body:

A very good video presentation on youtube that lets you hear the words as well as read them.

Test yourself with this multiple choice test.

And another quiz here in the form of word jumbles.

Practice the vocabulary for describing illness from p.130 of Primer Paso 2.

Practice the vocabulary for the doctors/dentists office from p.133 of Primer Paso 2 here.

A great series of activities here to practice vocabulary and phrases.

So remember if reading lists of words out of the book isn’t your thing, or you’re not a fan of writing things out three times after our class tests then these are alternative and more enjoyable ways to learn the vocabulary.

Also, don’t be afraid to search on youtube and other sites like or for topics you feel you need to review yourself. Just enter a search item and watch as a list of resources piles up on the screen BUT be sure to enter the search item in Spanish e.g. el cuerpo humano, el futuro etc.

As we review all of our content over the coming months and prior to the Junior Cert I’ll be adding more activities for each topic. Make the most of it.

1º curso – Describir Personas

Hola chicos,

Here is a good link to practice a few of things we´ve been working on lately. It´s from BBC Languages and there are plenty of activities so be sure to have a look around.

BBC Languages All About Me

5 Curso – Verbos Irregulares

Aquì podéis practicar los distintos tipos de los verbos irregulares en el presente indicativo. Es muy importante que sepamos bien el vocabulario además de las reglas.

  1. Irregulares en La Forma Yo
  2. Una selección de actividades para practicar todos
  3. Más actividades aquí