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Gustar Type Verbs

Below you will find a good review of the Gustar Type Verbs from There are also a few practice quizzes on the menu on the left:

Study Spanish – Gustar

Gustar Verbs practice

Languages Online – Gustar Game

Gusta o Gustan


And here are some links to a few games on the pastimes:

BBC Languages

Quia Game – Gustar



1 Curso – Las Asignaturas

Hola chicos! Hoy podemos practicar el vocabulario de las asignaturas escolares con las actividades abajo:

  1. Un video para comenzar
  2. Las Asignaturas – Flashcards
  3. Activdades Extras

Buena Suerte!

5º curso – La Oreja de Van Gogh

Aquí podéis ver el video para llever a cabo los deberes. Escucha la canión tantas veces como necesario para hacerlo bien.

La Soledad

5º Curso – Indefinido v Imperfecto

We’ve seen how that Spanish unlike English uses two past tense. The Indefinido for single events in the past that have been considered completed at  a specific time, whereas the Imperfecto is used to describe events in the past in a ‘continuous‘ sense, that is to speak of things that were ‘happening‘ or that we ‘used to’ do.

Think of our Timeline here with the Indefinido representing the X’s, the single events, that occurred on the timeline and the Imperfect as being the continuous line that runs the length of the timeline, with no specific time being referred to.

Click the following links (in order) to review the uses of each and then practice them:

Overview from with associated practice quizzes. 

An excellent series of exercises from BK Nelson that will get you into the habit of using both tenses.

Un viaje al Ecuador – A series of exercises

And another – San Fermin

And one more.

Work your way through the links above and you’ll be well on your way the understanding and using the most tricky of the past tenses in Spanish.

1º Curso – Mi instituto

Haz click abajo para practicar con unos ejercicios en internet.

¡Mucha Suerte!

Quizlet – Mi Instituto: Classrooms and Facilities

Quizlet – Mis Asignaturas: School Subjects

Profedeele – Objetos de la clase

BBC Primary Languages: School Day (includes a review of time)

Loads of activities and activities to choose from here from

2 Curso – Direct Object Pronouns

Here are a few links for you to practice the DOP’s with. Although they might seem a little tricky in class, the more practice you do the easier they get. Before long you won’t even have to think about them. – Try each of the following links in order. They might look the same at first but continue reading to the bottom of each to note the differences:

1. DOP’s

2. Negative Sentences with DOP’s

3. Infinitive Verbs with DOP’s 

Each of the links above have free Practice Quizzes that go with them so be sure to have a go.

Some more exercises:

1. Replace the underlined noun with a pronoun

2. Fill in the correct pronoun and conjugate the verb

3. Practice the pronouns with Infinitives