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2º Curso – Los Pasatiempos

Hola chicos,

Si queréis podíes practicar con el vocabulario de los pasatiempos aquí.

Quizlet – practica con el vocabulario de Primer Paso 1 aqui

Aquí podéis practicar con ´Los Deportes´

2º Curso – Repaso de Vocabulario

The following links will help you to revise some of the vocabulary we´ve covered so far in Primer Paso 2, just click to practice:

Por la Ciudad:

Quizlet – Flashcards and games

Mylo – Games and Activities  

A Selection of Activities

Pidiendo Direcciones:

Quizlet – Flashcards and games to practice asking and giving directions

De Compras:

Quizlet – Flashcards and games to practice vocab for shops.

2 curso Pidiendo direcciones

You can use these flashcards to practice the coogan for asking and giving directions.


2nd Year – Por la Ciudad y Las Tiendas

The following links will help you to learn the vocabulary and phrases associated with La Ciudad y Las Tiendas.

1. Quizlet – practice some key vocab and phrases for the shops.

2. A selection of activities in which you can practice more vocab of the city.

Useful Apps

The following apps are worth taking a look at, especially the Vocab builders.

Duolingo – Everyone know about it at this stage and it might seem a bit simple but you can take a quiz to level up if  you find it moving too slow. It’s helpful when preparing for basic topics in the Oral Exam and also for letter writing at JC level.

Learn Spanish Vocabulary 6000 words – A good vocab builder with plenty of activities.

Quizlet – We know about the website but they also have an app. Create your own set or search for what you want to revise. You can also follow people.

Babbel Spanish – Only some parts of this are free but the basics are and that’s the starting point.

Pocket Papers – This is useful for all subjects as the app contains past papers for all of them. It’s particularly useful for languages as it contains audio files that you can download.

6 Curso – La Tierra y Su Estado de Salud

Anuncio Medio Ambiente.

Vea el video y luego contesta las preguntas al fondo de la página.

Unos Artículos para leer y aprender más:




3º Curso – En Casa

Click here to practice with the vocabulary of La Casa, there are a few verbs included as well towards the end of the series.

A great series of activities here to practice with the vocabulary of the house items.

Here are some similar activities to revise the electrodomésticos.

And more here to review the vocabulary of household chores.