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2º Curso – ¿Qué hora es?

Las Horas: – Some practice activities from the BBC Languages website

2º Curso – Mi Instituto: Vocabulario para describir tu colegio

Click on the links below to practice the vocabulary associated with describing your school life. This includes describing the school itself but also the subject (asignaturas) that you study. Be sure to try them all:

Quizlet – Mi Instituto: Las Instalaciones

Quizlet – Mis Asignaturas

Profedeele – Objetos de la clase

BBC Primary Languages: Una día típico en mi colegio

Más Actividades con

Unidad 1 – Hola ¿Qué tal?

Here you can practice some of the vocabulary and phrases from Unidad 1.

Haz Click aquí para practicar con Quizlet 

La Comida

Click on the links below to access some activities related to the topic of food.

Click here to learn ‘La Carne’.

Fruit and Vegetables can be found here. 

There’s a much bigger list here.

There are a series of games here to practice with.

More food vocab can be found here.

A great series of exercises that helps you build and remember vocabulary

More exercises and activities from the BBC Languages website.