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5 Curso – Gustar Type Verbs

Gustar is a regular verb but operates differently to other regular verbs.

We understand it as meaning ‘to like’, for example: Me gusta el fútbol = I like football.

It doesn’t however, instead it means ‘to appeal/please’. So, ‘me gusta el fútbol’ translates literally as‘football pleases me’.

Remember that when we want to decide ‘who‘ is liking something we use one of:


And we decide between Gusta and Gustan depending on ‘what’ is being liked:

Me gusta el fútbol     –   I like football (1 thing)
Me gusta jugar al fútbol – I like to play football (1 verb)
Me gusta jugar y ver el fútbol   –  I like to play and watch football (2 verbs)


Me gustan el fútbol y el rugby – I like football and rugby (More than 1 thing)
Me gustan los deportes – I like sports (More than 1 thing – a plural)

The following links will explain it in more detail and will show you other verbs that work exactly the same way:

An excellent explanation of the verb with a list of similar verbs at the bottom and a practice quiz on the left.

Another good review and practice quiz from

Review of the two parts of using Gustar with exercises

More verbs like Gustar

3º – Los Comparativos

Haz click en las enlaces de abajo para practicar con los comparativos

Bk Nelson – the exercise we did in class.

Comparisons of Inequality – Read the article then click the quiz button.

Comparisons of Equality – Again read and then do practice quiz.

3º Curso – Important Irregular Verbs

Click here to access quizlet and practice the 11 important irregular verbs in the past, present and future tenses (yo, nosotros). I´ve also added a few extras to keep you busy.


3º Curso – Alojamiento: hoteles, albergues y campamentos

Practica aquí con el vocabulario del alojamiento.

3 Curso – ¿Quedamos?

Click the links below to practice the vocabulary for ´Invitaciones´

Quizlet Flashcards – Some useful Tener expressions in here as well.

A different set can be found here. 

3rd Year Revision: The Preterite Tense (Past simple)

Below you will find a few exercises to help you revise the Pretérito Indefinido (and prepare for the mocks).

Review of the Preterito Indefinido Regular Verbs with some practice quizzes in the column on the left.

Some Irregular verbs from the same site with more practice quizzes. Remember that Ver is almost exactly the same as Dar.

The -gar, -zar and -car verbs can be reviewed and practiced here.

With even more irregulars here .

This one is the MOST IMPORTANT of the Irregular sections. So learn it.

More practice here:

Click here for a practice crossword with the irregular verbs.

Another practice exercise with Regular verbs can be found here.

And another.

A fill in the gaps exercise here.

Tha is loads to keep you going and don’t forget to refer to Unidad 7 in particular of your text book (P.79-94). Also you can review the most common irregulars at the back of your book.