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Key Vocabulary/Verbs Revision

The following link will lead to a list of key vocabulary by topic. Just click the topic you want to revise and work you’re way down through the list. It makes sense to follow the order of topics according to number so make a start there. – This is a great website with loads of resources. Have a look around it’s good for Grammar and Vocab

Espanol Extra – Another great website with loads of content. Junior Certs click on GCSE, Leaving Certs on A LEVELS. Login details were given out in class.

Some More Basic Vocabulary by Topic

Key Verbs Conjugation Activities

For more advanced sets check these links: Vocab Builder – Browse the pages to find the set your looking for then learn and practice with activities. Vocab Lists – Some of these you need to pay for but the basic ones are free anyway.

Useful Apps

The following apps are worth taking a look at, especially the Vocab builders.

Duolingo – Everyone know about it at this stage and it might seem a bit simple but you can take a quiz to level up if  you find it moving too slow. It’s helpful when preparing for basic topics in the Oral Exam and also for letter writing at JC level.

Learn Spanish Vocabulary 6000 words – A good vocab builder with plenty of activities.

Quizlet – We know about the website but they also have an app. Create your own set or search for what you want to revise. You can also follow people.

Babbel Spanish – Only some parts of this are free but the basics are and that’s the starting point.

Pocket Papers – This is useful for all subjects as the app contains past papers for all of them. It’s particularly useful for languages as it contains audio files that you can download.

Leaving Certificate HL – The Opinion Piece

Sample Opinion Pieces & Notes.

I’ve attached a link to Google Drives with some sample Opinion Pieces that I’ve collected over the years for you to have a look at. I would not recommend learning them off as you don’t know if they’ll necessarily apply to the question your given. Rather look at the structure of the pieces, the vocab and phrases they use, take some ideas from them and write some sample plans.

Remember that when writing an opinion piece once you make your content relevant to the title you should be ok. It’s up to you to make it fit.

You’ll also find some vocabulary and hint sheets on what constitutes a good Opinion Piece though you have most of these already.

Google Drives Sample Opinion Pieces

Leaving Cert HL Reading Practice

Below are a series of links that you can go to to practice reading Spanish and in order to do well at HL Spanish you need to read as much as possible.

Remember it’s as important if not more important to focus on vocabulary as opposed to grammar. Knowing the rules of grammar is only of a benefit to you if you have the vocabulary to apply them to.

As such when studying Spanish you should incorporate as much  reading and listening as possible. Reading refreshes vocabulary already acquired as well as introducing you to new vocabulary. Also try to identify any grammar that you have studied, observe sentence structure and see how this translates to English. Doing so will help not only with Reading Comprehension but also with Written Expression. Some of these sites also have review exercises to test your understanding.

A possible form of written practice would be to rewrite in summary form each paragraph from an article you’ve just read. This is excellent practice for opinion piece writing.

Grammar Revision Websites

The following links are all excellent for revising grammar points. Best practice would be to revise the topic in De Acuerdo or (see link below) and then work through the websites to see what exercises you can find. 

Grammar Revision Grammar – Good, simple but basic explanations with some free quizzes attached

BK Nelson Spanish – An old favourite that covers most topics very well. Completely in Spanish. Grammar – Explanations by grammar topic with associated quiz.

Ver Taal Grammar – Excellent site with grammar, vocab, listening and any other number of other components.

LC Oral – General Conversation OL

click the link below to access revision flashcards folder for the General Conversation:

flashcards on quizlet

Also click on the links below to listen to native speakers speaking about a range of topics.:

University of Texas – A selection of native speakers talking about a variety of topics. Focus on the recording under the sections Beginners, Intermediate-A and Intermediate-B. – Over 300 recordings of a variety of native speakers talking about a range of topics.