Leaving Cert HL Reading Practice

Below are a series of links that you can go to to practice reading Spanish and in order to do well at HL Spanish you need to read as much as possible.

Remember it’s as important if not more important to focus on vocabulary as opposed to grammar. Knowing the rules of grammar is only of a benefit to you if you have the vocabulary to apply them to.

As such when studying Spanish you should incorporate as much  reading and listening as possible. Reading refreshes vocabulary already acquired as well as introducing you to new vocabulary. Also try to identify any grammar that you have studied, observe sentence structure and see how this translates to English. Doing so will help not only with Reading Comprehension but also with Written Expression. Some of these sites also have review exercises to test your understanding.

A possible form of written practice would be to rewrite in summary form each paragraph from an article you’ve just read. This is excellent practice for opinion piece writing.










Grammar Revision Websites

The following links are all excellent for revising grammar points. Best practice would be to revise the topic in De Acuerdo or http://www.studyspanish.com (see link below) and then work through the websites to see what exercises you can find. 

Grammar Revision

StudySpanish.com Grammar – Good, simple but basic explanations with some free quizzes attached

BK Nelson Spanish – An old favourite that covers most topics very well. Completely in Spanish.

SpanishDict.com Grammar – Explanations by grammar topic with associated quiz.

Ver Taal Grammar – Excellent site with grammar, vocab, listening and any other number of other components.

Key Vocabulary/Verbs Revision

The following link will lead to a list of key vocabulary by topic. Just click the topic you want to revise and work you’re way down through the list. It makes sense to follow the order of topics according to number so make a start there.

Basic Vocab by topic

Some More Basic Vocabulary by Topic

Key Verbs Conjugation Activities

For more advanced sets check these links:

Spanishdict.com Flashcards – Browse the pages to find the set your looking for then learn and practice with activities.

Studyspanish.com Vocab Lists – Some of these you need to pay for but the basic ones are free anyway.

5 Curso: Por v Para

Por and Para can cause a lot of problems for the English speaker, especially when we pigeon hole both words as meaning ´for´. In reality the uses of each can be far more nuanced, specifically ‘Por’.

I would advise you to focus specifically on the uses of ‘Para’ though as these are fewer and in my opinion are slightly more logical, you can then almost assume that most other uses are served by ‘Por’ (it is also advisable to learn some of the set expressions and idioms used with ‘por’, they are many)

Have a look at the following links:

A decent review of the uses of both from Studyspanish.com

Another summary from Spanish.about.com

A nice little discussion on the subtle differences sometimes seen between Por and Para, particularly when speaking of motives. 


Some practice exercises:

The ever reliable BK Nelson

Por v Para 1

Por v Para 2

Loads of links to various exercises here

º5 Curso – Deberes de Semana Santa

Los deberes para la Semana Santa son todos de La Pluma:

  1. Hay que terminar las actividades de la última clase – La Pluma p.102 Pr. 1, 2 y 3
  2. En un Café – La Pluma p.103 – 105 Pr. 1, 2 y 3.

Si tienes algunas preguntas envíame un email y los explicaré.

Gustar Type Verbs

Below you will find a good review of the Gustar Type Verbs from studyspanish.com. There are also a few practice quizzes on the menu on the left:

Study Spanish – Gustar

Gustar Verbs practice

Languages Online – Gustar Game

Gusta o Gustan


And here are some links to a few games on the pastimes:

BBC Languages

Quia Game – Gustar



1 Curso – Las Asignaturas

Hola chicos! Hoy podemos practicar el vocabulario de las asignaturas escolares con las actividades abajo:

  1. Un video para comenzar
  2. Las Asignaturas – Flashcards
  3. Activdades Extras

Buena Suerte!