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Leaving Certificate Revision

The following links will be a great help over the next few weeks. Remember it’s not all about practicing exam questions. If you can read even one article in Spanish a day or listen to 5 minutes of Spanish Euronews in the morning then you’re at an advantage.

Ideally you want to read and listen to as much Spanish as possible over the next month and be sure to pay attention to, not just the vocabulary, but the grammar and sentence structure which will in turn help with writing.


Reading Comprehensions: – Good up to date news articles that can be selected according to category and level. You should be focusing on Niveles B and C. You also have the option of listening to the articles. – Similar set up to above but without associated exercises. – Another excellent site with associated exercises and grammar points. There is a listening component with this also.


Listening Comprehension – Podcasts in Spanish, focus on intermediate and advanced. Some parts are in English, good for idioms at times. – Native speakers with a variety of accents discussing a range of topics. Again focus on Intermediate and Advanced. Associated key vocab and grammar points. – good for Listening and Reading.


Grammar Revision – An old favourite – Explanations by grammar topic with associated quiz. – Good simple but basic explanations with some free quizzes attached Very good self correcting exercises. – Excellent site with grammar, vocab, listening and any other number of other components.