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Junior Cert Revision

The following links will help you to revise for the Listening and Reading Comprehensions, The Grammar (verbs and tenses, prepositions etc.)


Vocabulary Building

Most important for a good Junior Cert is a good broad range of grammar. The following links will help you to build your grammar in a more interactive and productive way than reading out of a book. Vocab Builder – sign in with google or facebook to record your progress. – just search for a vocab set (e.g. animals Spanish) and start practicing. I’ve created a few sets myself so you can also search for user mahernmr. Download the Quizlet App to practice on your phone as well, I’ll probably be using it in class anyway.

ProfeDeEle Vocab – An excellent site with a really good range of activities and if you browse the site you’ll find more than just vocab, it’s also great for grammar and there are options for listening and reading as well.

Those sites are for me the best and will offer you plenty to keep you going.


Listening Revision

1. Be Sure to listen at least once every day or two, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Keep your ear tuned into Spanish.

2. Make use of the listening exercises in your Qué Pasa 1 & 2 textbooks. Even if you’ve done them before it’s worth listening to again to reinforce knowledge.

3. Try the following link for some extra practice, you have the text to help you and can turn it off if you just want to practice listening. Focus on Beginners, Intermediate A and Intermediate B:

Notes in Spanish – Beginners Audio

Here’s another :


 Reading Comprehension

Use the following to practice for the Reading Comprehensions. Remember to read at least one article a day. Also be sure to practice exercises from Practicamos.


Grammar Revision

For grammar you want to focus on the Present tense (regulars, irregulars, stem-changers, reflexives), the Past Tenses (Preterito Indefinido and the Imperfect) and the Future Tenses (Ir a + inf and the Simple Future).

Also DO NOT IGNORE the Tener Expressions. – Great for reviews and it has loads of practice quizzes under each topic. – Again very good for reviews and also has a few free practice quizzes. – Less reviews and more exercises here, browse the Verb Forms section in particular.

‘Expressions with Tener’

Click this link, review and do some practice exercises :

Some revision notes can be found here.

If you are looking for more specific exercises related to a particular topic then look back over the posts under ‘3 curso’, there have been plenty added over the year.