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El Imperfecto

The past tense in Spanish is little more difficult than in English. Were we use one past tense Spanish uses two, we’ve already seen one in the Preterite (for a quick review click here). Now we’re going to look at the Imperfect which is used to talk about things you ‘used to do’ (I used to live in Cork, we used to have a dog) or to describe things in the past (the sun was shining, the birds were singing).

We’ll come back to the differences between the two past tenses in more detail but for now lets concentrate on how you form the imperfect. Click on the links below for a review of the imperfect and some practice exercises.

Review of the Imperfect with a practice quiz at the top. 

Another review with another quiz.

Flashcards with verb endings for -AR and -ER/-IR verbs plus the irregulars

A challenge game to practice the forms of the imperfect. The higher the points, the harder the question.

A gap fill activity.

5º curso – El Imperfecto

Haz click en los enlaces abajo para:

1. repasar las reglas del Imperfecto.

2. practicar con los verbos regulares del Imperfecto

3. practicar con los verbos irregulares del Imperfecto

4. practicar con los verbos regulares e irregulares


Hay otro repaso breve del Imperfecto aqui