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The Future Tense

Click here to run through a series of exercises that will help you with the future tense. This set of exercises also includes a review of past tense verbs (those highlighted in bold text) so try and see if you can figure out what the sentences mean rather than just answering the questions. For another nice short review click here.

You can also speak of future intentions by using ‘Ir a + infinitive‘, for example ‘voy a visitar…‘ meaning ‘I am going to visit…’. All you need here is the present tense form of the irregular verb Ir (to go):

Voy                 –   I go
Vas                 –   You go
Va                   –   He/She goes
Vamos           –   We go
Vais               –    You (pl) go
Van                –    They go

Then add ‘a’ and whatever infinitive you like to talk about what you are ‘going to do’. 

Certain o ther phrases that work this way are as follows:

Pensar + infinitive – Pienso ir a España el verano que viene = I plan to visit Spain next summer. *** Note there is no need for the ‘a’ here. ***

Estar a punto deEstoy a punto de llegar – I am just about to arrive.

Tengo ganas deTenemos ganas de visitar unos amigos – We feel like visiting some friends.