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5 Curso – Verbos Irregulares

Aquì podéis practicar los distintos tipos de los verbos irregulares en el presente indicativo. Es muy importante que sepamos bien el vocabulario además de las reglas.

  1. Irregulares en La Forma Yo
  2. Una selección de actividades para practicar todos
  3. Más actividades aquí

Infinitives of verbs

Over the next few weeks we will start to see more grammar, starting of course with the regular -AR verbs. A regular verb is a verb that follows a set of rules and with these rules we can start to make the infinitive of a verb useful.


Can you remember what we said yesterday about infinitives? They tell us what a verb does without telling us who did it or when they did it. For example:

to eat – who eats? when do they eat?


Compare that to a conjugated verb which tells us who does it and when they do it;

I eat        –               I ate              –               I will eat

You eat   –             You are       –               You will eat

The above examples are conjugated because we know who is eating and when they are eating.


In Spanish as we now know the infinitives end in -AR, -ER and -IR, for example:

Hablar              Comer              Vivir


We will soon be learning how to conjugate these infinitives so we can say who is doing something and when (this part will come later).