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La Ciudad – Practice the vocabulary for the city here.

We’ve already learned some words for the city from Primer Paso 2. Here you’ll find some of those words and a few more. Click the link below to learn and practice the words.

La Ciudad.

Giving Directions in Spanish

Here you can practice the vocabulary to give directions in Spanish. Note that all the directions here are in the (polite) Uster form. Click on this link to try the activity out – Las indicaciones.


Irregular verbs in the Preterite

There are a number of irregular verbs in the preterite. Like the -AR and -ER/-IR verbs in the past tense they have they’re own endings, a bit of a mix between the regular past tense endings as follows:

Endings                         Estar

-e                                        Estuve
-iste                                    Estuviste
-o                                        Estuvo
-imos                                 Estuvimos
-isteis                                Estuvisteis
-ieron                                Estuvieron

There’s a good review of it the irregulars here with some practice quizzes listed in the menu on the left. You can also review and practice with Quizlet here.

Words to help you recognise the Past tense.

The following exercise lets us learn the words that help us to recognise when to use the Preterito Indefinido in Spanish (the past tense we learned most recently). Use the link below to learn the words and test yourself, working through ‘Study’, ‘Learn’, ‘Test’, ‘Scatter’ and ‘Space Race’.

To begin just click here – Trigger words for the preterito.

You can review and practice with some regular past tense verbs here using Hablar, Comer and Vivir as examples here.

More practice here.