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6th Year – Gustar and Similar Verbs

Gustar is a regular verb but operates differently to other regular verbs.

We understand it as meaning ‘to like’, for example: Me gusta el fútbol = I like football.

It doesn’t however, instead it means ‘to appeal/please’. So, ‘me gusta el fútbol’ translates literally as ‘football pleases me’.

The following links will explain it in more detail and will show you other verbs that work exactly the same way:

An excellent explanation of the verb with a list of similar verbs at the bottom and a practice quiz on the left.

Another good review and practice quiz from

Review of the two parts of using Gustar with exercises

More verbs like Gustar

6 Year – Special Uses of Tener

Tener is important in Spanish because of the amount of idiomatic expressions that go along with it. At Higher Level you’ll be expected to recognise these expressions in the Listening Exam and to use these expressions in various parts of the written paper. It is vital that you familiarise yourselves with the most common expressions at the very least and try to use them whenever writing so as to keep them fresh in your memory.

Reviews of Tener

A decent list of the most common expressions with some practice quizzes in the menu on the left

Tener que v Hay que – Using these expressions to say what you ‘have to’ do.

More expression with exercises from BK Nelson