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3º Revision – Ir de Compras

Practicad con las paginas web de abajo para repasar el tema ´Ir de Compras´

De Compras:

Quizlet – Flashcards and games to practice vocab for shops.


La Comida:

Carne, pescado y mariscos.

Fruta y verduras

Más comida


La Ropa:

Quizlet – La Ropa


Los Muebles:

Quizlet – Los Muebles


Key Vocabulary/Verbs Revision

The following link will lead to a list of key vocabulary by topic. Just click the topic you want to revise and work you’re way down through the list. It makes sense to follow the order of topics according to number so make a start there. – This is a great website with loads of resources. Have a look around it’s good for Grammar and Vocab

Espanol Extra – Another great website with loads of content. Junior Certs click on GCSE, Leaving Certs on A LEVELS. Login details were given out in class.

Some More Basic Vocabulary by Topic

Key Verbs Conjugation Activities

For more advanced sets check these links: Vocab Builder – Browse the pages to find the set your looking for then learn and practice with activities. Vocab Lists – Some of these you need to pay for but the basic ones are free anyway.