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La Comida

This is a great page from BBC Languages that will help you with Food vocabulary and how to create some  basic sentences that you’ll be able to use in your exams.

BBC Languages Food & Drink

Gustar Type Verbs

Below you will find a good review of the Gustar Type Verbs from There are also a few practice quizzes on the menu on the left:

Study Spanish – Gustar

Gustar Verbs practice

Languages Online – Gustar Game

Gusta o Gustan


And here are some links to a few games on the pastimes:

BBC Languages

Quia Game – Gustar



1 Curso – Las Asignaturas

Hola chicos! Hoy podemos practicar el vocabulario de las asignaturas escolares con las actividades abajo:

  1. Un video para comenzar
  2. Las Asignaturas – Flashcards
  3. Activdades Extras

Buena Suerte!

1º Curso – Mi instituto

Haz click abajo para practicar con unos ejercicios en internet.

¡Mucha Suerte!

Quizlet – Mi Instituto: Classrooms and Facilities

Quizlet – Mis Asignaturas: School Subjects

Profedeele – Objetos de la clase

BBC Primary Languages: School Day (includes a review of time)

Loads of activities and activities to choose from here from

1º Curso – Voy al Instituto

Para ayudar con los deberes podéis ver el video aqui:


1º Modos de Transporte

Practicamos aqui

Profedeele – Modos de Transporte

1º Curso – ¿Qué hora es?

Las Horas: – Some practice activities from the BBC Languages website