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Letter Writing Notes for the Junior Cert

Click on the link below to download some notes on the Junior Cert letter. This were given out in class some months ago but if you’ve by some chance lost them you can get them again here.


There are also notes related to the reading comprehensions, the sentences you will be required to write and a grammar workbook for you to download and practice with if you like.

From now on I want all letters written with these notes used as a guide. Whilst the sentences may not match up exactly you should be able to change them to suit what you need to say.


El Refugio

Aquí podéis encontrar los videos de para realizar las tareas.



1. Compara los anuncios.

2. Que te gusta mas?

3. Por que?

2nd Year Excercises – Pretérito Indefinido

Below you will find a few exercises to help you revise the Pretérito Indefinido (and prepare for the test on Monday).

Review of the Preterito Indefinido Regular Verbs with some practice quizzes in the column on the left.

Some Irregular verbs from the same site with more practice quizzes.

The -gar, -zar and -car verbs can be reviewed and practiced here.

With even more irregulars here .

This one is the MOST IMPORTANT of the Irregular sections. So learn it.

More practice here:

Click here for a practice crossword with the irregular verbs.

Another practice exercise with Regular verbs can be found here.

And another.

A fill in the gaps exercise here.

Tha is loads to keep you going and don’t forget to refer to Unidad 7 in particular of your text book (P.79-94).

5th Year Easter Assignment 2 – El Diario

Here is the second Easter assignment for 5th year students. In this piece I would like you to produce a Diary Entry based on the information provided below. Have a look at the sample diary entries from La Pluma (p.3 & p.12) as guides.

Remember to address all points and to use any idioms and expressions you may have to enhance the piece (again La Pluma may be of help here).

This assignment is also on Edmodo and I would prefer you to submit it there either by uploading a word/openoffice document or by attaching a Google Document using Google Drive which can be linked to Edmodo.
If you still do not have an Edmodo account set one up as soon as possible (Of 32 in the class only 16 have signed up).

If for some reason you are having difficulty creating an Edmodo account you can mail the work or any queries to me at


Diary Assignment: Due by Wednesday 10th April

You are living in Barcelona for the summer and are keeping a diary. Write an entry and include the following:

  • You have just come home from school and are writing this in your bedroom.

  • Say that you are studying a lot these days as you want to get good results in your leaving cert.

  • Say that you are looking forward to the weekend and why.

  • Mention an argument you had with a friend recently.

  • Mention a student who you know is being bullied in school.

Try to give as much info as possible for each point not just one single sentence. Don’t forget to put date on right hand corner.


5th Year Reminder

A reminder to all those not signed up to Edmodo that today is the last day for submission of the Dialogue exercise. Any of you having difficulty getting started on Edmodo can mail it to me instead at I will be putting another exercise up both here and on Edmodo tomorrow which is due for next Monday.

If you still haven’t signed up to Edmodo do so today and again email me with any issues.