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5º curso – El Imperfecto

Haz click en los enlaces abajo para:

1. repasar las reglas del Imperfecto.

2. practicar con los verbos regulares del Imperfecto

3. practicar con los verbos irregulares del Imperfecto

4. practicar con los verbos regulares e irregulares


Hay otro repaso breve del Imperfecto aqui

The verb form ‘Hay’

The verb form ‘Hay’ is probably one of the most useful words in Spanish and you’ll find yourself using it a lot when describing your family, house, school, neighbourhood etc.

Basically ‘Hay’  means ‘There is’ or ‘There are’ in English and if you put some questions marks around it ¿hay…? then it means ‘Is there?’ or ‘Are there?’. It’s that simple.

Click here to have see a quick review of Hay and how it works. Don’t forget to do the quiz over in the menu on the left.