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6th Year – More Present Tense Verbs

Ser v Estar

A Brief Review with Practice Quiz

More Practice

This Time it’s Ser v Estar v Tener

And again

The Present Continuous Tense

Excellent Review of the Tense

Practice here

Idiomatic Expressions with Tener

Click here for the most important ones and some practice

6th Year Present Tense Revision – Regular Verbs

The following link will give you a quick review of the present tense as covered in the extra class. Also there is a practice quiz at the bottom, just click the green button:

Regular Verbs Review 

The following links offer some practice exercises, keep repeating them in order to improve. If required have your books/notes open beside you when doing them the first few times.

Regular AR Verbs

Regular ER and IR Verbs 

All Regular Verbs

More Regular Verbs