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1st Year Summer Exam

The summer exam for 1st years will be based on everything we have covered in Primer Paso 1 since August. In particular be sure to learn all the key words in the ‘Vocabulario’ boxes in each Unit and be clear on all the grammar points.

In summary:

Know Ser, Estar and Tener and how they are used.

Know your Regular -AR, -ER and -IR verbs

Know Gustar and how it works: me gusta el perro V me gustan los perros

Know Hacer and Ir and the phrases you  can use with it to say what you like to do.

Know the days of the week, dates and months. Know how to say ‘On Friday’ – ‘El viernes’ or ‘On Fridays’ – ‘Los viernes’

Be able to describe your family, remember you’ll neeed to use ‘Hay’ here, for example – hay cinco personas en mi familia.

Be able to describe somebody; what they look like and personality.

Be able to say where you live, describe your house or a room etc.

Know the how to tell the time.

Know the basic food from the book.

If you look back through the blog you will find lots of activities you can use to study and practice.


1 Curso – La Casa y Las Horas

Below you will find some practice exercises based on the topics we have been covering in class over the last few weeks.

La Casa:

Los Muebles – Quizlet – Loads of activities here, including the furniture in each room. – A memory game to practice the vocab with

Las Horas: – Some practice activities from the BBC Languages website