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2 Curso – El Cuerpo Humano

Para practicar con el vocabulario del Cuerpo Humano click aqui:

ProfeDeEle – El Cuerpo Humano


Y hay más vocabulario aquí –


El Tiempo

The weather in Spanish can be a little tricky due to the fact that in Spanish they tend to use the verb ‘Hacer‘ meaning ‘to make/do’ which sounds all wrong to us in English.

Click here for a good review of the weather and don’t forget to do the practice quiz on the left of the page.

A great page from ProfeDeEle. Loads of activities to reinforce the vocab learned in class.

Click here to practice the weather vocabulary and expressions. You can play some games to practice more by clicking on the blue boxes below the flashcards but be sure to learn the flashcards first and don’t forget to turn on the sound.

Here are a few more games to practice with.
If you want some more activities and quizzes simply Google ‘weather in spanish’ and you’ll get loads of resources.

2º Curso – Los Pasatiempos

Hola chicos,

Si queréis podíes practicar con el vocabulario de los pasatiempos aquí.

Quizlet – practica con el vocabulario de Primer Paso 1 aqui

Aquí podéis practicar con ´Los Deportes´

2º Curso – Repaso de Vocabulario

The following links will help you to revise some of the vocabulary we´ve covered so far in Primer Paso 2, just click to practice:

Por la Ciudad:

Quizlet – Flashcards and games

Mylo – Games and Activities  

A Selection of Activities

Pidiendo Direcciones:

Quizlet – Flashcards and games to practice asking and giving directions

De Compras:

Quizlet – Flashcards and games to practice vocab for shops.

2 curso Pidiendo direcciones

You can use these flashcards to practice the coogan for asking and giving directions.


2nd Year – Por la Ciudad y Las Tiendas

The following links will help you to learn the vocabulary and phrases associated with La Ciudad y Las Tiendas.

1. Quizlet – practice some key vocab and phrases for the shops.

2. A selection of activities in which you can practice more vocab of the city.

2 Curso – La Comida

Below are some links you can use to practice the vocabulary of ‘Food’ (p.66 – 68). It is very important that you try to learn as many of these words as possible as they feature a lot in reading and listening comprehension. You’ll also notice that there are a lot of words so start learning them now.

Quizlet Folder – You’ll find a collection of flashcards based on the lists from the book. Start with La Carne and Los Comestibles.

Practice games and exercises

Ver Taal Spanish – Practice with lots of vocab here including some stranger tropical fruits.

Mi Vida Loca – A brilliant interactive video lesson that allows you to practice the spoken Spanish. There are three links to try here:

Episodio 3 – Tapas 

Episodio 12 – El Mercado

Episodio 13 – El Restaurante

That should keep you going for now. You can always just google and see what you come up with as well.