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L.C. – Imperfect Subjunctive

Following on from yesterdays crash course in the Imperfect Subjunctive here are a few links that first review and then test your knowledge of it’s formation and use.


Imperfect Subjuntive Review with practice Quiz

Conjugating the Imperfect Subjunctive – Some Irregulars

If Clauses with the Imperfect Subjunctive

LC Orals

Below is a link to another teachers blog with some very useful stuff on the oral exam, there is some vocabulary that refers specifically to the Easter in case it come up.

2º Curso – Mi Colegio

Here are some links for you to practice the vocabulary associated with ‘El Colegio’.

First is a nice introductory video which revises some of the vocab.

Mi Colegio y Las Instalaciones Flashcards and Games

Mis Asignaturas Flashcards and Games

A huge selection of Games 

There’s plenty there to get started with. Remember the key to learning vocabulary is practice.