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Expressions with Tener

Click here to practice the ‘Expressions with Tener’ on Quizlet. Be sure to do the activities and test after learning the flashcards.

Click this link, review and do some practice exercises :

Expressions with Tener.

More exercises here.

6 Year – Special Uses of Tener

Tener is important in Spanish because of the amount of idiomatic expressions that go along with it. At Higher Level you’ll be expected to recognise these expressions in the Listening Exam and to use these expressions in various parts of the written paper. It is vital that you familiarise yourselves with the most common expressions at the very least and try to use them whenever writing so as to keep them fresh in your memory.

Reviews of Tener

A decent list of the most common expressions with some practice quizzes in the menu on the left

Tener que v Hay que – Using these expressions to say what you ‘have to’ do.

More expression with exercises from BK Nelson

Expressions with Tener – Essential for the Junior Cert

Click here to learn and practice the key expressions with Tener. These idioms are essential for the written section of the Junior cert, specifically for the sentences and letter where they become very handy. They also regularly make appearances in the dialogues of the Reading Comprehensions so make sure you’re familiar with them and know how to use them. You can find more practice exercises here:

Tener expressions on

Some flashcards from that contain the most common expressions with Tener and a few more.