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5 Curso – Prepositions A, De or En

Prepositions can be tricky in Spanish as often they don’t translate perfectly from English. Regular practice is the key to dealing with prepositions.

Start here by doing this exercise that focuses on a, de and en: A, De or En

This link does a good review and then offers a practice quiz by hitting the green button: Prepositions

5 Curso – Stem-Changing verbs

To help you with the stem-changing verbs I’ve provided a few links below. The first link gives you a good review of how the verbs work with a practice quiz at the bottom while the next few give you some practice exercises. The key to learning these verbs is practice so give them a go.

Review of Stem Changing verbs with a quiz –

Practice Exercises:

There’s plenty there to keep you going and the more practice you do the easier it gets.

5 Curso – Present Tense Regular Verbs

The following links will let you practice with the regular verbs we’ve been working on in class. Keep repeating them in order to improve. If required have your books/notes open beside you when doing them the first few times (De Acuerdo p.1).

Regular AR Verbs

Regular ER and IR Verbs 

All Regular Verbs

More Regular Verbs

Also when practicing these exercises be sure to learn the verbs you’re using by heart, especially the easy to remember ones. Also look at how the sentences are formed, this will help when it comes to writing your own sentences.